An announcement from a student on Monday night, ‘lecture at noon at the U. Tuesday, Glenn Murkutt is in town’.

(thanks Will)

I head over and I anticipate beautiful work and great conversation.

I run into a few old friends; I see many fresh, younger faces.

Glenn is introduced.


I felt smart. I agreed. I understood. I was refreshed.

An amazing ‘kick in the pants’; filters firing.

A great storyteller, talented architect and what I could tell a great friend for those lucky to know him well.

Here are my notes from the lecture. Lasting.

Do not miss these moments. I was inspired. Get out there.

 Scan 3

Did I mention?

He draws everything by hand!

Here are some examples below of his fine investigative work; and he draws everyday.

images-2  images  images-1 

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