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A great reference text as part of your new home or remodel the Patterns of Home, is a well defined synopsis of house design patterns that enhance the notions of the essence of home. These patterns are key in the process of working with homeowners; understanding that good homes do many things; combining these patterns together gain great design.

Here is the List:

  • Pattern One — Inhabiting the Site
  • Pattern Two — Creating Rooms, Outside and In
  • Pattern Three — Sheltering Roof
  • Pattern Four — Capturing Light
  • Pattern Five — Parts in Proportion
  • Pattern Six — The Flow through Rooms
  • Pattern Seven — Private Edges, Common Core
  • Pattern Eight — Refuge and Outlook
  • Pattern Nine — Places in Between
  • Pattern Ten — Composing with Materials

Each and every pattern listed is essential and key. These patterns, I reference each time in my architectural design work; design tools that respond appropriately and resonate with the life of the homeowners.

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