insight, that’s all.

Scan 9 copyWhy I am so dedicated in teaching architects and designers the power of drawing?


Importantly,  designers require the power of insight.

All the definitions below in being ‘insightful’, offer a great direction for designers to strive toward. And, yes, drawing may offer these powerful attributes. Drawing creates commitment, finding appropriate solutions to the many questions presented to a designer in the sometimes complicated design process. Computer images come out of the printer, I find with more questions than answers. I overlay these with trace and with a pencil, create a process that simplifies and begins to define organizing aesthetic/design ideas.

Question, answer, question, answer; a visual dialogue of space, through drawing is a way finding process towards being insightful.


inˈsītfəl,ˈinsītfəl/ adjective  adjective: insightful

One response to “insight, that’s all.”

  1. I used to do this for HOK. I found it amazing that the lofts were produced and they had no idea what it looked like! Sometimes, pretty grim.

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