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clear communication is key

Illustration requires a keen sense; specifically, collating strong design concepts; collaborating with creative team members and utilizing every tool available to represent appropriately information for a specific audience.

As I gather clues and sketch out rough diagrams, I ask my clients “Is this what you have in mind?” The team gets inspired to see their ideas in 3 dimensions and even more flow of ideas are evaluated and discussed, strengthening concept. Soon, I am ready to get to work; combining and reinforcing the views with a dynamic viewpoint, typically eye-level; how one would truly experience the space.

Below are a few examples of ‘final’ though appropriately conceptual perspectives for an interior project recently created.

Collaboration is everything!

    Scan 8

Scan 6

Scan 4

Scan 5

Scan 7

Scan 9

Civita Institute


I am currently putting together the ‘crescendo’ on my public presentation of my past year about my study of drawing in Italy.

11/21 marks the evening event at NBBJ Architects in Seattle. for more info go to

lessons, intervals, crossings, music and adventure.

roadhi res

home sweet home


Here are some recent illustrations I have recently produced; all about home.finalcolor


Images of home are powerful; they ‘tug at the heart-strings’,

and provide clear memories and give us connections to a place, like no other.


home is truly ‘where the heart is.’puppy1



a story.


The right tool; making good space.

Working with architects, developers, interior designers and many more, I get all sorts of background information in which to create an illustration with value; addressing the audience for the work and telling a good story. This ‘wire-frame’ came to me with which to use as a base diagram and accompanying, most importantly, a program description and conversation of an ‘innovation lab’ for Evergreen School in Seattle with Bassetti Architects.

kids, working with tools. a science lab. hands on. sewing machines. computer lab. experiments. creativity.

just perfect. That is all I needed; now imagine.

was this

a good story creates beautiful and informative work. yes?