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COMMERCIAL ARCHITECT/ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGNER: Working in collaboration with other architects and designers, or directly with government and institutional clients, I plan and design, and then prepare design illustrations to communicate the project concepts in a clear, comprehensive, and easily understandable way.

RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECT/ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGNER: Working with individual homeowners, I provide analysis, planning, design, and management services within a collaborative framework.

COMMUNITY PLANNING AND DESIGN: Working with city municipalities or commercial endeavors, I develop and delineate the essential groundwork for future planning and design, to ensure that those future individual decisions are well-considered and well-taken within the framework of the project as a whole. Adroit planning in this phase saves duplicated effort, time, and money as the plan is implemented.

ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN / COMMUNICATION / ILLUSTRATION: Working with groups, municipalities, and other designers, I use my analytical abilities and exceptional drawing skills to capture the essence of a project and present it effectively and fully in a rich visual representation. This representation can, in turn, be presented to other stakeholders and interested parties to aid in clear communication of project parameters, goals, and impacts.