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comparative works, about media

watercolor/color pencil/pencil: speaks about content, concept and emotional feel.

Scan 1  wt3_o

bw urbandesign



This is an Andy Goldsworthy art installation, I recently experienced in the Presidio on San Francisco,

It’s a , ‘Are you kidding me?’ space; one to come back to, time and time again.

This space surely defines the notions of ‘involvement.’

I borrow this concept from the text of Ed Bacon in his book, ‘Design of Cities.’

He references a Francesco Guardi sketch and speaks to the notions that create

involvement: ‘space that creates an all-encompassing experience.’

Here are the ingredients:

Meeting the sky: dynamic spatial forms, sensory spatial qualities.

Meeting the ground: how a building arises from the earth, defining the base.

Points in Space: tension/closure; relationships/context.

Recession of Planes: processional, sensory space.

Design in Depth: penetration/movement, excitement of entry.

Ascent and Descent: joy of anticipation of up and down.

Convexity and Concavity: positive and negative spatial involvement.

Relationship to people: scale and proportion, reachable and understandable.

(photo: Heidi Hansen)

one’s line, one’s self

Tomorrow, I head to an architect’s office to talk to a group of architects and designers about the key role of the power of mark-making in their design process; specifically in their practice. One’s own authentic line provides the designer the essential, evocative direction, so necessary in today’s world of architectural design.


IMG_0338 IMG_0337 IMG_0339 IMG_0340

clear communication is key

Illustration requires a keen sense; specifically, collating strong design concepts; collaborating with creative team members and utilizing every tool available to represent appropriately information for a specific audience.

As I gather clues and sketch out rough diagrams, I ask my clients “Is this what you have in mind?” The team gets inspired to see their ideas in 3 dimensions and even more flow of ideas are evaluated and discussed, strengthening concept. Soon, I am ready to get to work; combining and reinforcing the views with a dynamic viewpoint, typically eye-level; how one would truly experience the space.

Below are a few examples of ‘final’ though appropriately conceptual perspectives for an interior project recently created.

Collaboration is everything!

    Scan 8

Scan 6

Scan 4

Scan 5

Scan 7

Scan 9