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finding place/meaning

In my work, I am lucky to collaborate with talented designers;  those that talk about space, place and meaning.

As a design/illustrator, this becomes a reciprocal process. Formulating ideas and working back and forth and scheming in the 3rd dimension is magical. There are many ways to describe space, but the one on one with a pencil in my hand is where the key communication and collaboration unfold.


Who is the audience? What is the story? What will bring people on this space and why?

Shapes and planes, and values, colors, textures, beauty and scale are just a few players in this iterative process.

The design is unique and the drawings become a great starting point in the architectural design process.

zgf1   zgf2    zgf3

You are what you draw.

2015 ahlworks

one’s line, one’s self

Tomorrow, I head to an architect’s office to talk to a group of architects and designers about the key role of the power of mark-making in their design process; specifically in their practice. One’s own authentic line provides the designer the essential, evocative direction, so necessary in today’s world of architectural design.


IMG_0338 IMG_0337 IMG_0339 IMG_0340

lecture: Glenn Murcutt

An announcement from a student on Monday night, ‘lecture at noon at the U. Tuesday, Glenn Murkutt is in town’.

(thanks Will)

I head over and I anticipate beautiful work and great conversation.

I run into a few old friends; I see many fresh, younger faces.

Glenn is introduced.


I felt smart. I agreed. I understood. I was refreshed.

An amazing ‘kick in the pants’; filters firing.

A great storyteller, talented architect and what I could tell a great friend for those lucky to know him well.

Here are my notes from the lecture. Lasting.

Do not miss these moments. I was inspired. Get out there.

 Scan 3

Did I mention?

He draws everything by hand!

Here are some examples below of his fine investigative work; and he draws everyday.

images-2  images  images-1 

clear communication is key

Illustration requires a keen sense; specifically, collating strong design concepts; collaborating with creative team members and utilizing every tool available to represent appropriately information for a specific audience.

As I gather clues and sketch out rough diagrams, I ask my clients “Is this what you have in mind?” The team gets inspired to see their ideas in 3 dimensions and even more flow of ideas are evaluated and discussed, strengthening concept. Soon, I am ready to get to work; combining and reinforcing the views with a dynamic viewpoint, typically eye-level; how one would truly experience the space.

Below are a few examples of ‘final’ though appropriately conceptual perspectives for an interior project recently created.

Collaboration is everything!

    Scan 8

Scan 6

Scan 4

Scan 5

Scan 7

Scan 9